Who we are.

Video Production Company Monmouth

We are a video production company Monmouth that films stunning informative, commercial and creative videos. Our eye for design beats all expectation and limitations. With years of experience we believe we can make anything when we put our minds to it! We are passionate to make a modern creative standard of stunning visuals filmed with drones, DSLR’s and high-end editing.  Our service is affordable and we believe film is the perfect way to pitch your message to your audience. 


Sit and speak with us and tell us exactly what you want! We create storyboards, shot lists and a visual expectation so you know exactly what it will look like before you see it. Meaning what we plan is what comes to life. 


Due to our intensive planning it means that we go to the fun bit, we shoot! Filming can take a day or more depending on the length or the intensity of your composition. We go above and beyond to get the best shots! 


Once shot its time to go through all of our footage and get editing! We will send you draft after draft until you are happy. Sometimes, we may need to shoot more, that is no problem we can go back a step and get all the footage! 


Planning, filming and editing is all done! Now its time to share and enjoy your creation. Post on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or wherever your heart desires. This film is now yours, use however you want!

Our Projects.

Here at Higher Imagery, we have worked on thousands of projects. We believe we can create something from nothing using our innovative and creative minds to create something new and exciting. Previously, we have worked on commercial, informative, events,  mountain biking, sport and more.

black and white shot of music theatre lighting on beams above the stage
black and white shot of male in thought
black and white shot of lady laughing
black and white shot of photographer prepping his camera for shoot
young lady smiling at laptop black and white shot
black and white shot of colleagues looking at laptops and plans together

Start your project now.

Start your project today! There is nothing stopping you, get in contact with as much detail as to what you want to create. We will come back as soon as we can with a FREE quote! So, if you need a video production company Monmouth, give us a shout!

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